The hydraulic cylinder of the future is connected!

CMB Cilindri has always nurtured the ambition to advance the industry, positioning itself at the head of the revolution of the hydraulics.

The hydraulic cylinder is the technology at the basis of handling applications in industrial sectors.

It has followed its history and, over time, has been able to adapt to the changing needs of the market.
This technology is believed to be mature, but it still keeps surprising us today, thanks to its evolution to offer greater precision, dynamics, compactness, energy efficiency, low noise, but also simplicity and flexibility of integration in the application, to get to the cylinder with digital linear transducer.

The transition from analog to digital has allowed the cylinder to eliminate its weaknesses, optimizing control and facilitating parameter variation. It is now also possible to detect temperature, pressure and vibrations in addition to position and speed. The new generations of integrated linear sensors monitor the health of your cylinder in real time and open up new perspectives in predictive maintenance.
The greater simplicity and speed of commissioning, the total reduction of costs, make the hydraulic cylinder of the future a communicating and connected actuator, which will allow all companies that feel the need to carry out their 4.0 transformation to make it.

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